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Why am I billed both monthly and yearly on a Yearly Plan ?


If you are on a yearly subscription plan and extra seats are added to your organization afterwards, it may be that you start seeing a monthly charge next to the yearly charge. Basically any users added after yearly plan starts will be charged at monthly basis till the plan renews next year & likewise for billing cycle afterwards.


If your yearly billing cycle is from the start of Month 1 to the end of Month 12 but you add an extra user on Month 7, you will be charged on monthly basis only for that extra user for 5 months until month 12 arrives. Once new billing cycle starts after Month 12, this extra users will be included in yearly plan with rest of users and billed accordingly. This will continue for the future iterations.

We charge additional seats on a monthly basis for two reasons mainly :

Giving you more flexibility to add and remove seats
Avoiding sudden unexpected costs

Giving you more flexibility to add and remove seats

We do this to ensure that if an extra user is added in your organization, you won’t have to pay for the full remainder of the year for the additional seat.

This provides you with more flexibility if you were to decide to remove the person from the team again.

Avoiding sudden unexpected costs

Besides providing you flexibility, we also want to make sure that you keep an overview of the charges that are made.

If we were to increase your organization charge all at once the next year, it would be more difficult to keep track of the billing changes.

That is why, you receive a monthly charge for any additional seats, you can keep better track of what additional costs are incurred for additional seats while this is happening, instead of finding out about it with the next yearly billing period.

Yearly discount is not applicable for additional seats

Once an additional user is added that charge won't be incurred with our 50% yearly discount as those charges are made on monthly basis. This discounted rate is only available if you pre-purchase extra seats beforehand for your organization during the checkout.

Is it poissible to pay yearly for all seats ?
Its currently not possible if you do not pre-purchase. If you still have any queries or feedback please contact us in support or via email

Updated on: 22/05/2021

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