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How apploye will adjust the billing amount if anyone is using half of its total time

Regarding billing of your unused portion or the employee you want to remove from your organization but you have paid the amount for entire year/month, what will be the billing cycle for this ? Lets see how we can easily understand this potraying different scenario, we will show cases for Apployes Two Subscription process

Annual/Yearly Plan
Monthly Plan

Annual/Yearly plan case
You are an owner of X company and now you activated an organization on apploye with the plan of RemoteTrack Annual plan, If the remotetrack annual plan price per person is $10 /monthly then in 12 month the charge will be $120 ,
Now you have onboarded 5 members on this organization and saw that it did cost around $600 , now you started the year and suddenly at the middle of the year you have decided to terminate 1 employee from your organization, but on the other hand you have also paid the entire amount for a year, so the rest of the amount is wasted because you terminated half way ? not really,

In this case you have to see what is the cost for 1 person for a year ? that is $120 /12 month, now the person you are terminating just used 6 month, you will divide the actual total amount of that 1 person which comes $60 , now this $60 will be remain as a credit for your organization,

Once the year ends the billing cycle going to charge you the same amount as it charged in the beginning for a year, is it going to be same ? nope, now you have $60 credit which is going to be adjusted to this cycle,

Now you have 4 employee, the total amount comes to pay is $480 , your credit amount will be adjusted here with this total amount that is $480 - $60 = $420, so your charge will be $60 less as it was credit and total will be $420 for this year, now this will be continuing for further years as well for any proportion use cases too

Monthly plan case
All goes same for this too, If you as an owner onboarded 10 employee on Apploye RemoteTrack monthly plan, and if the per person pricing is $10 then for 10 person a month it will be $100 for a month, So now if you terminate any employee from your organization in the half way, apploye will keep your rest unused proportion (15 days = $5 ) as credit, and this credit will be adjusted to the next month billing cycle,

Next month cost for 9 person would be : $90
and you will get an automated adjustment by your previous credit ($5) then it will be $90-$5 = $85

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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