As apploye is a time tracking and employee monitoring system, it helps the owner and admin see their employees' work based on a screenshot. This perfectly splendid feature of the apploye works pretty well for everyone who will use their employees' screenshots from a single dashboard.
Now let's see how you can see your employee screenshot,

Firstly, You are required to come to your dashboard and need to confirm that your employee is working by starting the "RemoteTrack" desktop app from his/her computer for at least 10 minutes.

Secondly, Now once you are confirmed that he is working and his/her app is running, that means you are ready to check, simply go to the dashboard and click on “RemoteTrack/TimeTrack” > Screenshot.

Thirdly, You will now see the panel with no data, so you have to select specific filter-wise “project” “task” and members to see, and more specifically, you have to select a date if you want to see previous dates screenshot as well.

Here, you will also have today’s total activity ratio for the entire run time, productive time out of the total time, and non-productive time out of that whole time. After that, you can easily see the screenshot of your desired project and task for any specified employee.

Fourthly, you can get on any specific screenshot to see a few more details about that easily, if any employee uses multiple screens, apploye can easily give multiple views.

Note: For any screenshot, you have to at least wait for the first 10 minutes to get your screenshot synced on the dashboard. Employee himself/herself also can check this very easily.
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