By default, the screenshot time interval for Apploye is around 10 minutes. This screenshot will be taken away randomly, so the employee/user won’t find the exact time of capturing the screen while working. In 1 hour, there will be total 6 screenshots.

On average, the screenshot Interval is going to be around 10 minutes. Due to the nature of random screenshots, the exact interval between 2 screenshots will vary.

If the owner/admin has enabled the option for 2/3 screenshots in 10 minutes, the interval between screenshots will be around 5/3.3 minutes respectively.

Few more points regarding the screenshots:
Those who have multiple screens or organization have enabled the option for 2/3 screenshots in 10 minute, Apploye will let you view all of them in carousel.
A user can delete screenshot, but for that he has to also reason it out to the owner before deleting that. With deleting the screenshot he also loses his/her time frame of that specific screenshot.
To check previous date’s screenshot, user/admin can filter the dates.
Apploye stores screenshot minimum 1 month to 3 year.

Only Elite plan has the screenshot feature.
A user needs to install Apploye desktop app to start tracking.
For getting the first screenshot, an owner/user should wait for 10 minutes.
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