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Does Apploye track time offline ?

Yes it does, As apploye is a time tracking and employee monitoring software, so the work it does is track the employees station such as computer and laptop, along with few more extra features like GPS tracking, Applications tracking, URL tracking. While tracking it requires internet connection to upload and sync its data on web application via desktop app. So let’s see few points regarding offline tracking,

In this process if any connection error comes up, it won’t be successful to cover it up with the web application and desktop app, so on that specific timeframe it can cause missing hours.
If there are no internet connection, still user can avail or run the software to track time and to track activity. It just requires connection to upload or to sync the data on the storage at any range of that timeframe.
On FIELD-TRACK plan, to track the outside employee it works more effectively, because to run or start the app it doesn’t require any connection, such as a delivery boy will install apploye on mobile app and he doesn’t have any connection on mobile phone, he can simply start the mobile app and can do all his duty, and at any time he can connect to connections and the app will automatically sync up the offline data, and the data will be uploaded to web application and the owner/admin can see the actual timeframe and location he visited during offline connection.
If there are load shedding occurs on any timeframe of a date, user can continue offline work, and the desktop app will track the data and will sync after getting connected with any connection, And the time frame will be also uploaded on desktop app and web application.

Updated on: 26/06/2022

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