While using apploye we often face start/stop timing issue after finishing using it for a day or for an office task. To cover up this time frame which you have worked but forgot to start the app or you have stopped for your personal task then again forgot to start while you started again. Let’s see how you can cover or add manual time on apploye,

1. First Step
The first step to add a manual time entry on apploye is to check and find out the time gap from the timesheet > Daily.

2. Second Step
You are required to select a team member, if it’s only you (Employee) then just select OWN, then select a date and later click on add manual time button.

3. Third Step
You will get a popup after clicking on “Add manual time”, just fill up all required field and be very careful regarding putting the time frame, if you can’t put a right time, it won’t be successful. Once you are done with adding all the required field

4. Fourth Step
After adding the timeframe properly, it will take only few minutes to sync on the desktop app and it will sync with webapp as well.

* During putting the time, be careful regarding the gap, such as If the last END TIME : 10:06 and your START TIME : 10:44, then add on manual time START TIME : 10:07 & END TIME: 10:43, that means add 1 minute ahead and back for fixing it properly.
* To sync up the time usually it takes few minutes.
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