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Project overview

While making things easier and more productive, projects can be a section where both can happen. By creating projects an owner/admin can categorize their work in a more organized way and by maintaining this employees will be one step ahead to the benchmark of productivity. So let's see how can project function and how it can be maintained easily,

From the web application an owner and admin will move to project section,

Then from this section they will be able to open a new project by clicking on “Create Project”

After clicking on that an admin would be able to find that details for a project, such as name of the project, project start date and few other descriptive details, after finishing this, they can click on save button to have these info saved and move on for further, if save button is not clicked then further addition of information will not be synced and added.

Admin/owner will now add member by clicking on “Add people and Permissions”

You can assign team member or assign a entire team

Add Billings & Hours

After adding people you will have two options for adding billing hours.

- Project Billing
- Project Budget

Project Billing,

Is for billing your client, you can maintain this to add clients bill for further use, there are two option for project billing for billing your client,

Hourly Basis
Fixed Rate Basis

You will have option for billing your client based on HOURLY BASIS, where you will see two option again,

Project Hourly Rate
Person Hourly Rate

If you select PROJECT HOURLY RATE your project will be billed based on the rate you set as hourly rate for that individual project,

If you select PERSON HOURLY RATE your project will be billed based on your individual members billing rate

You can also select FIXED FEE for your project billing to your client with a fixed amount of rate,

Project Budgeting,

On this you will be able to budget only for your internal purpose for any individual project, Set up your project budget to get notified on milestones, keep track of the project's cost and profitability.

Here you will be having two option to set budget type

- Total project cost
- Total project hours

Here total project cost means the total project cost will be set with the rate you are setting with,

and total project hour means your budgeting will be determining based on specified hours which you did set while setting up for the project budgeting here

Updated on: 11/04/2021

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