After creating an account in Apploye, you need to install the desktop app for your windows to start the time tracking. To install Apploye, you just need to follow the simple steps shown below:

Step 1:

Go to the website of Apploye and click on ‘Download’.


Step 2:

Go to “Download For Windows” and select the the 32 bit or 64 bit version which supports your windows version.

Step 3:

The download will start. After the download is finished, open the file.

It may show a dialog as shown below. Don’ get panicked. Click on ‘More info’ and then click ‘Run Anyway’.

Step 4:

 After the installation is complete, click on ‘Finish’.


Step 5:

Congratulations!!  You have successfully installed Apploye. When you click the ‘Finish’ button, the desktop app will open.

There you need to put your email/username and password and login to Apploye.


Step 6:

Now you need to select the ‘Project’ and click on ‘Start’ to start your time tracking with Apploye.