After creating an account in Apploye, you need to install the desktop app for your Mac to start the time tracking. To install Apploye, you just need to follow the simple steps shown below:

Step 1:

Go to the website of Apploye and click on ‘Download’.


Step 2:

Go to “Download For Mac” and select the the signed or unsigned version.  It is recommended to download the ‘Unsigned’ version.

Step 3:

For Unsigned Version:  ‘RIGHT’ click on the downloaded .dmg file and click ‘open’.

 For Signed Version:  Just Open the .dmg file by a ‘Double Click’ pressing ‘Enter’.  Make sure you have write permission to ‘/usr/local/lib’ folder in your pc. You can do it by – Opening  ‘Terminal’ app and typing the following command:  

  ~sudo chmod -R +w /usr/local/lib

 Then hit ‘Enter’. It will ask for your password. Enter your password and hit ‘Enter’. And you’re set.



Unsigned Version:

Step 4:

Drag the ‘Apploye’ icon to the application folder.

Then open the launcher and click on ‘Apploye’.


Step 5:

Login by putting your email/username and password (At this point you need an account).


Step 6:  


Sometimes you my encounter this warning. Don’t worry, Just click ‘OK’.


Step 7 :

To resolve the issue go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> General and  click ‘Open Anyway’.

Step 8 :

When starting tracking for the first time, you’ll face another warning regarding permissions as shown below:

Click on ‘Open System Preferences’.


Step 9 :

Then go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility

Apploye icon is already there. Tick the checkbox beside that icon.


Step 10 :

That’s it. Afterwards Apploye will run smoothly.