Apploye is taking screenshot in every 10 minutes interval, which is random. On this 10 minutes of time no image can come up with few selective measure. It’s not an issue but a process of disruption while running apploye desktop app. few measures such as,

If the user is using TimeTrack Plan: **If the user/employee/member is using the timetrack desktop app and if the organization is on timetrack plan, there wouldn’t be any screenshot because these plan doesn’t support the feature. (Now how to check which plan your organization is on?) (Check Note - 1)

If the user stops the desktop app suddenly : if there are any action interruptions occur in between the running time, the syncing process get disrupted and so the activity tracking, that’s why the app can’t take screenshot and shows a blank screen for this reason.

If the user clicks on the “Sync” button from desktop app: Now if any user clicks on sync button, it will show a blank screen for each click on sync. On our latest apploye desktop app we made it with strongest processing operation, so it takes sync auto without clicking anything, so it is recommended not to click the sync button.

To check which plan you are on, you can simply check it from the organization, if this shows you “Timetrack” then you have to create another organization for screenshot feature, such as “RemoteTrack” or “FieldTrack”
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