On activity panel we have screenshots, app, & URL tracking option. To increase the highest experience on tracking employee, these three feature is a must have thing. Lets see how that works.

1. Screenshot : Here in every 10 minute an user will get 1 screenshot randomly, employees won't be able to find out when this is capturing the screen. There are also deleting option for every screenshot, but for deleting screenshot every employee will required to reason it out to his admin/owner. There are also options for filtering based on individual project. Then another most important thing is it is also taking the activity ratio based on their keyboard typing and mouse clicking like 10% 40% 100%. By this an owner/admin can measure that how much efficiently an employee is working during his/her office hour. Employees can put note under every screenshot if they want to explain something to his owner regarding that screenshot like a note also. Most of the time developers are using multiple monitor, apploye track multiple monitors as well. There are also archiving view option by this you can actually check out your previous screenshots for individual employees.

2. Apps : Application tracking is one of the supporting feature for activity panel for an owner, here an owner can check out very shortly which applications his employee is being working on during office hour. Like google chrome, slack, click up etc. it will show the exact spend hours for specific application usage. Like the previous one here an owner/admin can see each employees archives of application using. There are also options for checking application using history based on individual project, that means an owner can check this based on project wise also.

3. URL : Url tracking is another great thing to cover, here an owner can check which URL's employees are visiting during office hour, and with the time spent count. Here an owner can see the URL like doc.google.com/facebook.com/slack.com.

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