You can add notes to the Desktop application while time tracking with Apploye. Employees can create a note from the ‘Time Tracker’ itself, or manually, or via various segments from the web application.

Notes can be used to notify what tasks were being completed during a shift, and to customize or deliver any piece of information related to the task.

Table of contents:
  1. Adding notes in the Apploye application
  2. Adding notes in your Activity page

Adding notes in the Apploye application

Step 1:
Once you have started tthe timer to track time of a particular project, click on the option “Add Note About Work”

Step 2:
Now, Enter your desired note.

Step 3:

Click “Add Note About Your Work” and your note will be added to the current 10-minute tracking session/ time-frame.

Adding notes in your Activity page

Step 1:
First, you’ve to sign up in Apploye. Then navigate to the Activity > screenshots section. Click the option Notes in any screenshot and add a necessary note about your current task.

Step 2:
Enter your note in the Modal box that appears. After finishing, click Save Note.


  • Multiple notes can be added to the same screenshot if necessary.
  • Notes can be added by the user. Managers and owners can also add notes on screenshots of users.
  • This feature gives employees the alternative option to add a description to each of their screenshots and provide more details regarding each 10-minute time frame.
  • After a note has been added to the screenshot, clicking on the notes option to view the notes whenever you want.

This is how the note looks: